Will I blog?

In an attempt to make my front page somewhat more visually appealing, to gain some experience creating webpages without actually coding them using a popular framework, and maybe to blog, I’ve decided to try using WordPress to display samtupy.com instead of coding it myself in html/php. Initially I had more negative than positive mixed feelings about it, but found that I’m enjoying it a bit more as I begin to understand the accessibility caveats of the WordPress administration interface.

I’ve felt a small impulse to blog from time to time, but never having a blogging setup and considering the fleeting nature of the impulse, I’ve never followed it through. Now though, more as a side effect of an attempt to make my website look a bit better with little challenge than because I specifically wanted a blog, well, I have a blog, I guess. I could have used a much more simple framework without a blog of course, but I allowed myself to use WordPress for now encase I find that I actually have interesting things to say.

I suppose it will be interesting to see if this post is still at the top of the recents list in a year, hopefully if I decide I don’t need this blog I’ve removed it or switched to a different framework by that time. Even more hopefully though I actually decide to come out of my shell and post here every so often. I may potentially post anything from random life adventures to coding/audiophile rants to project updates to really anything else random that crosses my mind… I know that’s probably not very riveting (take it or leave it LOL) I’ll work on categorization if/when I have posts!

Well I guess that’s it for now, this blog is certainly a maybe thing, just enough so that it’s worth setting it up and posting this rather than disabling it somehow or using another simpler web framework, that way if I do have something to say I can just get right to posting! See you all then, perhaps.


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