Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’m a totally blind computer programmer and sound designer with a small talent for writing, a bit of experience with computer security as well as certain aspects of web design, and a growing interest in music. I’ve been able to use these various skills and interests to become a successful audio game developer, having created at least 4 small, offline games as well as my more well known massive multiplayer online game Survive the Wild.

Here, you can find download links to all of the games and software I have developed, as well as any other projects I still wish to share which I have created or been involved in. This website hosts both actively developed projects as well as those which I haven’t touched in years, but which I still wish to archive for everyone’s enjoyment, use or simple entertainment.


If you have any questions about anything hosted here, you can contact me using any of the following methods:

  • email: webmaster@samtupy.com
  • skype: sam.tupy1
  • discord: samtupy