I want to apologize for the current state of this website. Due to a recent server crash, I was forced to publish an upcoming version of my website that was not yet ready for production. Information about the status of my services can be found here.

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’m a totally blind computer programmer and sound designer with a small talent for writing, a bit of experience with computer security as well as certain aspects of web design, and a growing interest in music. I’ve been able to use these various skills and interests to become a successful audio game developer, having created at least 4 small, offline games as well as my more well known massive multiplayer online game Survive the Wild.

Here, you can find download links to all of the games and software I have developed, as well as any other projects I still wish to share which I have created or been involved in. This website hosts both actively developed projects as well as those which I haven’t touched in years, but which I still wish to archive for everyone’s enjoyment, use or simple entertainment.


If you have any questions about anything hosted here, you can contact me using any of the following methods:

  • email: webmaster@samtupy.com
  • skype: sam.tupy1
  • discord: samtupy#0577
  • twitter (at this point probably very unreliable): @samtupy1