My Games

This page contains information and download links for all of the audio games I have created.

Survive the Wild (in public beta until further notice)

Survive the Wild is a large, open world online survival/adventure game where you can connect with your friends to hunt animals, craft various items, complete various quests by exploring an ever expanding virtual world, become a top combatant in the game’s fighting arenas, and much more all while managing your character’s basic needs such as thirst, hunger, energy and health. What started as a quite unplanned side project in 2014 when I was just 12 years old has grown over the years into my largest and most long running project to date where much of the player experience is what you make of it. Aside from general survival, there is no true winning objective to Survive the Wild. Instead, the game presents an ever expanding virtual environment which allows players to choose how they want to spend their time and what objectives within the game they are interested in completing. Maybe you want to spend your time in quiet places fishing at streams alone, maybe you want to prove that nobody be it man or beast can best you in combat, maybe you want to solve some mysteries for a reward or otherwise, or maybe you want to do all 3 playing with different identities on multiple characters. And if tough gaming isn’t your fancy, you and a group of friends can certainly just gather around a bond fire and voice chat with each other while sharing virtual drinks if you wish! Whatever your fancy, the world of Survive the Wild eagerly awaits you, and whatever virtual life you decide to lead!

Clicking on the link above will redirect you to Survive the Wild’s website where you can learn more about the project, download the game, view the documentation, connect with the community and more.

Constant Motion (concept demo)

This concept demo is provided as is, I have not worked on the project in a couple of years now. It was written in python during late 2018 and through 2019 before I decided that python was not the best programming language for audio game development, where the project then halted. This idea is a lot of fun though and I fully intend to rewrite it from scratch and finish it as intended. I wasn’t planning to release it until I rewrote it, but after my server crashed and all of my services went offline, I realized that folks could still get several hours of fun out of this game that’s just been sitting here on my hard drive collecting virtual dust. It’s certainly no Survive the Wild of course, but still I hope that it at least provides a smidgen of fun and entertainment for you guys during this unfortunate STW blackout!

Constant motion is a small collection of minigames with one very simple attribute in common. You never stop moving! When playing most games, it’s so easy to take for granted the fact that you can often pause for a moment and plan your next movement, making sure you get in just the right position to jump that pit, or slowly insuring that you line up your shot for that perfect critical hit. Not in constant motion! Here, while you may sometimes be able to control what direction you’re character moves in, or maybe to some extent the speed you travel depending on the game, you never have direct control over your character’s movement in any of these minigames! Aside from this one condition, the minigames themselves could be anything realistic or not, so feel free to give them a try and compete on the scoreboards if you can last long enough!

Clicking the link above will directly download a zip file containing the game, which currently runs on windows 64 bit.

Ah Damn It!

Ah damn it is a project that was heavily inspired by Steven D’s game Oh Shit which was in turn inspired by a minigame in Crazy Party created by Pragma.

Where as Steve masterfully dealt with making a game out of Crazy party’s pits, rocks, cannons and more, I’ve attempted to make my own spin on a Crazy Party conglomeration out of it’s forestry/wildlife elements, from mosquitos to trolls to bats to cacti, to balloons (just ya know, because).

A major focus on this game was trying to make entities interact with other entities, for example the only way to defeat a troll is to trick it into impaling itself on a cactus. This game exists for fun and not in a realistic or reasonable way, so be ready to expect the unexpected if you want to make a name for yourself on the game’s scoreboard!

Descriptions of all entities you will encounter while playing the game are available in the small readme file provided in the windows 64 bit download which you can access by clicking on the link above.