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Welcome to survive the wild! This page contains all available resources to help you play, information, and the store where you can purchase credits for your character.

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What is survive the wild?

Survive the Wild is a large online multiplayer game where the goal is to survive and flourish in a hostel, unforgiving and abandoned world! With dozens of quests to complete, plenty of challenges to overcome, large amounts of items to discover and use, a community to chat, trade and play with as well as an absolutely massive and ever expanding map to explore, this game is sure to provide you with plenty of fun, enjoyment and entertainment for months on end, and who knows what will be new if you stick around for the next update! The game is played in 3 dimensions, meaning that you can walk in any direction on the map as well as move up and down. Though the game is called Survive the Wild, as it has grown and evolved I'd say that it is the exploration aspect of the game that is the coolest and most well developed, with a massive world to explore containing plenty of secrets and quests to discover and unlock!

Some of the main features


Survive the wild is completely free to download and play on any windows system. There are, however, things you can purchase by visiting the STW store to get credits, which can then be used to buy items in the game like teleporters or death free cards. Also, most people end up purchasing a paid/premium account for $15.00. This helps insure your character doesn't get purged or deleted by any spam filters if you haven't logged on for a while, it lets you cary far more items, allows your stats to get higher than they otherwise could, and new advantages to making your account paid could appear at any time! In essants, purchasing items pretty much completely breaks the flimzy reality barrier in the game. For example, a death free card resets a stat that would have killed you, and a teleporter allows you to instantly jump to locations around the game. All upgrades are completely optional, and as stated above, the game itself is free to download and play at your convenience.


Here, i'd like to list some of the people who have really helped this project prosper and helped make the game as good as it is today. Without these people, STW would have failed at the beginning, and I have them to thank for the game's continued existence.