my main projects

These are games that are actively maintained. It doesn't mean they will be updated every day, but these are projects that have plans to be updated in the future, and are not considered abandonware.

Survive the Wild

Survive the wild is a multiplayer game whare you survive in the wild, quite litterily You have to eat, drink, fight, start fires, and live, all in the wild! Learn more or download by clicking on the above link!

Bloodshed, release the pain!

This is a small little intresting game I threw together, where you fight enemies, get intresting items, use random weapons, and own! This is in one executable and uses sapi, so it's completely portable. Enjoy!

Sammy center

Sammy senter is the new version of game suite. This is the proper version, with all new games and sound effects.

the randomness of sound

Ment for utter bordum, pick up random items and throw them at one another, such as well... a screen reader blowing up a car, or a peperoni bag destroying a building. Just for fun, and complete bordum.

Ah damn it!

This is a game enspired by the game called Oh sh*t created by Stevo. The idea is to take elements from the very popular game called Crazy Party and jumble them all together to make an interesting little game, and I'd say it very much succeeded. Very sparse documentation is provided in readme.txt. Note that this is just a small concept demo sort of thing, it will be updated to contain much more including scoreboards, statistics, maybe at some point even online play!


Don't be surprised if these games don't get updated offen, i'm doing quite a bit to them, and I like big releases rather than tiny beta's.


These are some games that I will no longer be working on or have stopped developing.

Iminent death

This is just a little side scroller that I am making, it's pretty fun. You can make and kill your own enemies, with there own characteristics such as speed and jumptime and what not. There are quite a few weapons, and things such as that.

Survive the wild, the old version

This is the old version of survive the wild. Pick up plants, and eat them, while also having a good stock. hehe, some survival. No wonder this game isn't supported anymore.

Game suite

This is the first ever project I ever made. It has a couple fun games and such.