Hello everyone and thank you so much for visiting! I hope you all have a nice little stay here on the sam tupy website and I hope you find something that you like! Below you will find a list of what I all have to offer.


Contact information

If you enjoy the website and would like to contact me, you can email me at webmaster@samtupy.com Or, you can add me on skype, sam.tupy1. Twitter: @samtupy1.


Here at Sam Tupy Productions, me as a single person works hard to bring what ever enjoyment, fun and / or help that I can to everybody. If you enjoy or have any use of the services provided, it would be cool if you could consider a small donation. It can help me get more products such as sound effects, paid code libraries etc, and also motivates me more to continue the work that I have put into helping/making fun for everybody! Any amount, no matter how big or small can help! If you decide you wish to donate, you may