Oh... you made it here. Lets hope your not cringing too hard when you leave! :) Hi everybody, I'm Sam Tupy, someone who likes to create audiogames and random programs, dabble in computer security, and idk, uh, just exist I guess? This website contains everything associated with me that I have published to the world. The audio games I've developed, any developer resources or libraries I have made, anyaudio (currently frozen) and any other things I decide to publish. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Note that this website is in the process of being altered. Most of it was written back in 2016 or earlier, and has been terribly neglected by me until now. I will not promise anything wonderful at the end, I've never held much stock in having some flashy or amazing website. It's mostly a file server with links and information so that people can access my products. That being said though I will try to sweap through it and fix the uncountable number of spelling errors, outdated information, broken links, and other various things that are broken about samtupy.com.


Contact information

If you enjoy the website and would like to contact me, you can email me at webmaster@samtupy.com, add me on skype at sam.tupy1, or follow/mention/dm me on twitter @samtupy1.

Note: If you wish to contact me on skype, please try to avoid sending quick greetings or short, unimportant messages if you have a problem. If you are just trying to chat of course send whatever you want, but if you have a problem that needs solving, please describe it in the first messages you send because it will almost certainly elicit a much faster response time from me. Basically, a lot of people get banned on my audio games for breaking rules, and a lot of these people then use tactics to see if I'm around before begging me to be unbanned, something which I don't want to listen to. As such, messages that just simply say "hi", or "Hi I have a problem can you help?" or other similar messages may never get a response, as past experience dictates that 80 some percent of everybody that gets a reply from me to such messages instantly launches into their banning story, begging for access to the game they were banned from again. TLDR? If you have a problem you need solved, please get to the point in your first messages so that I know that your message is worth responding to. If this seems odd, please remember that I have over 1000 skype contacts and on some days get a lot of messages.


At the end of the day, I'm just a single person. I need to purchase sound effects, programming libraries, and of course we can't forget about shelter and food and all that fun stuff (I'll be moving out of my parents place soon!) While I have products for sale, this is an option to provide a donation with the intent to simply support me, should you wish to do so. No matter how big or small, a donation through this method is very much appreciated by me, because not only do I get your donation, but I also get to enjoy the feeling that someone enjoys my work enough to want to support me without getting anything in return, which is extremely warming and gratifying! If you wish to donate, please use the button below.