Miscellaneous, a place for that which has no category!

This is just a place where I can link to other random projects I've been working on or that I've created, but that don't really fit into any particular category. There is no telling what may end up here, but since I sometimes have the attention span of a 5 year old and can't stay focused on one project for long, this place just wouldn't be complete without a dumping ground where I can plop all that random crap I mess with but still want to be public!

Music Beeper

This was a stupid little project I made in one night because, as mentioned above on this page, I have focusing issues and get hung up on the most random of things, in this case the discovery of the Beep function in the windows API! This function allows you to play a beep at whatever pitch you want, for as long or as short as you want. So what could have been a productive night proceeded to turn into me sitting and writing this somewhat complicated program that allows you to write songs and then play them in tones. You can specify notes, delays between notes as well as duration of notes. There is a readme included for more information, as well as the source code. This works best on windows XP, because in newer versions of windows microsoft did some very horible thing to the Beep function that introduces delays between beeps, so while it works, it's not as cool as an XP virtual machine, and of course the coolest is if you have an XP computer with an old builtin PC speaker!

Quietstream and mousecat

No I really don't know how I came up with these names, OK? :) This was the result of me purchasing a new laptop and using bluetooth headphones. Utilities for this already exist, but being the strange person I am I decided to write my own just for fun and this is the cobbled together result. Quietstream is a program that, when run, plays a silent stream of audio through your currently selected audio device, so that bluetooth headphones don't go to sleep the moment your screen reader stops talking, resulting in you missing the next bit of information spoken because the headset has to wake up again. Mousecat is a program that performs the simple task of trying to disable your mouse input. It does this by installing a low level mouse hook, and then capturing and dropping all windows mouse events so that your pointer stays locked in place. This is helpful because it's so easy to bump the mouse while typing or playing games, causing any number of annoying things to happen. I don't know how well these work, but the code for both is included as well as probably the worst readme I've ever written for anyone wishing to play around.