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The survive the wild store

The survive the wild store is a way to purchase upgrades and other items for your survive the wild character.

How it works

Using the store is very simple. If you wish to purchase items from the store, All you have to do is navigate to the below form and fill out how many credits you wish to purchase, as well as the character name you wish to purchase for. Once you have completed the purchase threw pay pal, the credits will instantly appear in the provided character's inventory. You can then use the commands /credit_buylist and /credit_buy to make purchases with the credits. If you wish to get a paid account and you have 1500 credits, you can type /paidaccount. Please keep in mind that the minimum amount of credits you can purchase is 100.

buy credits

To purchase credits, please fill in the below form and click the buy button. 1 credit is equal to 1 US Cent
number of credits:
character you would like to purchase credits for:


Once you purchase credits, There is no refund. If you do not receive your credits after purchasing them, an admin will give you credits for free that you can use. Note that we can check weather the purchase was indeed successful when it comes to the money being transfered, so trying to get free stuff from us by saying that your credits never showed up when we see no money could result in warnings/banns from the game. Please be honest! Also, it's worth mensioning that while all items such as death free cards, teleporters etc stay with you apon character death, this is not the case for items such as gifts, drugs etcetera because these are just standard items in the game. As soon as you spend your credits to purchase an item, the credits are used. This means that the item has been transfered to your character and in the eyes of me and admins etc, the credits will have been spent, meaning you can't get money back on them. Also note that abusing items you purchase like death free cards will not be the responsibility of me/and or other administrators on the game. If you turn on player killing and someone wastes all of your death free cards, you will not be refunded any money or get any free death free cards. For items like gifts and other upgrades, you will also not be refunded those items if you die in the game, unless it was a death you had absolutely no control over what so ever such as a loophole/bug or cheater in the game. If something happens such as you being banned and you are unable to play the game, this does not mean you will get a refund. If you abuse the game and get banned, you have still purchased and used your credits, and thus the transaction has been complete. You will also get no refunds if you choose to delete your character or decide to stop playing the game. This is your choice and thus you will not be refunded any of what you have purchased. If you cheat badly enough to warrent an inventory reset, it is possible based on the situation that your paid items will also be removed, and if this happens you will also not get a refund or credits. Opening fraudulent payment disputes on transactions that did indeed go through will result in an instant and likely permanent ban from the game if efforts to resolve the matter are unsuccessful. Please be responsible for your items and understand that it is very unlikely that what has been stated in this disclaimer will ever be revoked per case!