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Stw point deflation message

As second phase of item deflation, we are now focusing on stw point items, not the points themselves but all items you can buy with them. The rewards this time are for the whole game, on condition certain milestones can be reached. The rewards include: 30 percent cheaper expensive products in vending machines, 30 percent cheaper expensive point items and 30 percent higher low quest rewards. Keep in mind that coins also are part of this donation run, and thus the more coins donated the more stable the end goal will be. Keep in mind that to reach all of the collective rewards, at least 75 percent of all stw point items has to be donated, this for instance translates to 4882130 coins to be donated, 85122 survival_packs and so on. We will have more statistics further down the road, and also, don't think about traiding any item since doing so will disqualify you this time, from any personal rewards one might get. We're not revealing what, and or if, something is going to be awarded, but we put this line her just in case we decide to do something.

Past deflation events

Original Message of the Day for food donations

Hello everybody, it's Sam and admin's. Time to pay attention!

It has been mentioned before by me that I have been having a severe problem with the item inflation on the game, and I came up with several ideas to fix it a while ago on here, some of them quite radical as many of you will remember if you played a few months ago. I've spent a long time very carefully considering how to begin fixing this situation, and I think it's finally time to begin.

Before I continue though, I'd like to remind you in hard numbers how much of a problem this has become. I recently performed the math just on oysters, and I'll show those here who are willing to take a second to look what I mean when I say that this problem has gotten to a truly terrible level. Your hunger typically rises once exactly every 30 seconds. An oyster takes away 85 hunger, and therefor 1 oyster will keep your character alive for 42 minutes and 30 seconds. The problem? There are at least 50 characters who have so many *edible! oysters that it would take them over a month of constantly being connected 24-7 and eating *nothing! but their edible oysters for their collection of oysters to be depleted! That's just edible oysters, not oysters that have yet to be prepared. And anyway that's just oysters, that's not counting the meriod of other food items that are collectible on the game that people have stockpiled. Several people have enough edible oysters that it would take a year of constant connection (no real world breaks including sleep) and eating just those oysters to run out of them! In total, among 1,444 characters at this time of writing, there are currently over 28.5 years (357228) edible_oysters circulating throughout the game. Again, 28.5 years of *CONSTANT! and unbroken connection to the game with nothing but those edible oysters being consumed at the very minimum rate possible to avoid losing a single death free card in order to get rid of all those oysters. And really over 230 of those characters have 10 or less and over 500 of them have just 30 or less. Oh and btw that doesn't include the 168245 (13.5 years worth) of unprepared oysters circulating, or the 17276 shelled_oyster on top of that. And then when you consider that oysters are only one of many food items that are also hoarded, how many decades of constant connection do you think several hundred existing characters could handle without losing a single death free card and without collecting a single food item? I knew it was bad but I was still kinda shocked to see some of those numbers. The situation has gotten so out of hand that something absolutely must be done to take the situation back, if for no utter reason than that seeing the game's economy in such a state is so de motivating that it's hard for me to get stuff done. Like I said when I talked about this before, this is not the game I intended. People were never supposed to be able to do what they've been able to do. I'm not really blaming the players, clearly we had to allow the situation to get out of hand for it to do so in the first place. Sadly it wasn't really until the end of 2019 that I started really trying to take a good look at this game and make it really better, and a combination of real life being wild and me simply needing to figure out what to do coupled with trying to re code what is it now at least 6? systems from the ground up for the upcoming update have caused it to be very difficult for me to actually focus on this situation. Now however, we must begin to do something about it both to prepare the game for upcoming features that are more entertaining than pressing f12 on inventory items and pasting the result into the out of character chat, and because not doing something about it is beginning to be so distracting to me that it's beginning to effect how much I can get done here.

So in that light, then, it is now time to begin the first set of a series of events and changes to begin the process of item deflation. I am sorry guys, but if you can't understand the logical issue with the evidence I've provided above, I really don't know what to tell you. This game probably won't be around in 5 years, or if it is, your 9500 oysters and 18263 raw_fish are not going to matter. There are so many players on the game who have so many items that they will *NEVER! use. The decision to move forward with attempting to get rid of needless items is final.

First, we would like to appeal to players of the game who are sympathetic to our situation, and who understand that they really don't need large quantities of certain types of items. We're hoping we can find the people who actually want to help make the game better because they understand that everybody having all these needless items actually inhibits the game's development. As such, for the next 2 weeks, it is now possible to donate food items. Donate is a very loose term, as in this case donating any items in this way means they are lost forever, which is the point. We are currently focusing on food items and a few drinks. You can open the give menu, and a player will appear there called Donate. If the item you are focused on is donatable, you will be able to give it just as you would to another player, which will cause the items to be deleted from your inventory and... for your donation to be logged in real time. That's right, your items don't quite vanish into thin air! Instead, we're making this a competition! We understand that whatever happened, at the base of it the item inflation problem is our faults. Sure the players had to constantly abuse the system and 60 percent of all these items are probably cheated in some way to begin with, but it was still our fault for leaving item collection so open without providing enough new entertainment for players, causing item hoarding, over collection and bragging to begin. As such, we don't just want to ask people to get rid of their items for us, but we want to reward them for doing it. This run of food item donations is pretty simple. The player who donates the most items to the game will receive $50 in STW credits! The player in second place receives $45, the player in 3rd will receive $40, etc until the player in 9th place receives $5 in credits, where after the next 10 players will receive $2.50 in credits, and finally everyone else who donated at least 10000 items gets 100 credits for participating. The reward may not be very high, but at this point we are trying to see who's willing to get rid of stuff for the betterment of the game, with the little reward competition as a thank you. Much cooler rewards (monuments named after you on game maps for being a loyal player? Maybe your own buildings?) will be given later on during this process for much more valuable game items. I understand that you still had to pay or trade or collect those items, which still took time. I really don't want to throw away your work, but instead I want to fix the mistakes that have been made in the past here and in doing so, find possibilities to make your time worth it in other ways. By the way, donating over 500 of an item will make your donation public, and everyone can see how much of that item and how many items in total you've donated! With the understanding that the items being destroyed are meaningless and not truly needed, it will be interesting to observe the race for the reward!

I know this entire thing is quite sudden and probably confusing. Maybe it's frustrating or maybe it seems unfair, and if so I apologize. I hope that in time I can have the chance to show you guys that your items will no longer make up your gaming experience. So many people threaten to leave now because they think that without their items, all they've been doing here is wasting time. I can't entirely blame those players for that mindset. But before you guys leave, just remember that it's the people who spent the longest periods of time on the game collecting and paying for items who will likely end up getting permanent buildings in the village or other areas named after them and possibly even somewhat controlled by them or possibly other crazy rewards, for their loyalty to the game.

Please keep in mind, this is just a first step. Whatever happens, this problem must be solved for the betterment of the game. As time goes on, you may find that you wished you had donated now rather than waiting to deal with possible consequences of a large inventory later. We will not forcefully remove items, but, for example, we'll gladly make your hunger and thirst rise a bit faster the more unreasonable your item quantities. Remember that we are not trying to be unfair here, but are only trying to solve a problem that is beginning to cause a very severe detriment to the game.

And so then without further adue, lets get started! Hopefully we can all find ways to solve this problem without too much disappointment for anyone's sake!

Chat Commands

Since the introduction of this project, certain chat commands have been added in regards to it, and they are the following: